Weight-loss program - The loser wins!

Basic care - Weight-loss program - The loser wins!

Did you know that up to 50% of our pets are overweight? This situation may seem normal, but having a few pounds too many often has major consequences that affect the quality of life of our companions. Higher risk during anesthesia, joint problems and hypertension are some of the different consequences associated with excess weight.

The Centre veterinaire Laval gives you the opportunity to participate in a weight-loss program. The hospital's main goal is to give you advice and to support you in this undertaking. First, the animal is weighed; then a customized program is developed according to your pet's specific needs. A monthly weighing is necessary for a good follow-up and to make sure the program is going well.

A few basic rules are essential to succeed in a weight-loss program. First, daily food must be given in a graduated container in order to only give the necessary amount. Each pet in the house must have its own food bowl; this way the exact amount for each animal can be measured. In a weight-control diet, every small supplement must be calculated. Table food and treats are an important source of calories; they must be reduced to a minimum to maximize results and help manage the weight-loss diet. It is especially important to remember that exercise is very beneficial to the weight-loss process.

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