Awareness campaign : Say No To Declawing!

Awareness campaign : Say No To Declawing!

The declawing of cats, banned in nearly 30 countries around the world, is a controversial surgical procedure that is denounced by an increasing number of veterinary associations and practitioners who increasingly refuse to practice it.

The Association of Quebec Veterinary Medical Students (AEMVQ) applauds this position, which is also its own. In addition to officially advocating a ban on downsizing in Quebec, the AEMVQ has made a concrete commitment to move this issue forward by launching a public awareness campaign.

As part of this campaign, the AEMVQ produced a video to demystify the de-scratch and to shed light on what this surgery entails and the impact of this surgery on the cats undergoing it.

 This video titled "Declawing: What You Need to Know" includes testimonials from well-known veterinarians and representatives of associations who, like you, care about animal welfare.

You can now watch and download the video (french version only) >