Physical Rehabilitation

Improve the quality of life of your pet.

Physical problems can occur either after surgery or during your pet's lifetime. To speed recovery and improve quality of life, physical rehabilitation proposes concrete solutions that are tailored to your pet's needs.

The department is managed by Claudia Adonna, animal health technician. Both are trained and certified in animal rehabilitation (CCRP - University of Tenessee and the CCRA - Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Florida).

Benefits of Physical Rehabilitation!

  • Reduces pain;
  • Increases muscle mass;
  • Improve lameless;
  • Speeds recovery after orthopedic or neurological surgery;
  • Improves physical condition and aids in weight loss;
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling;
  • Reduces need for medication;
  • Offers an overall approach to pet in relation to pet owner.


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Physiotherapy is indicated for various pathologies
  • Orthopedic problems : Cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis...
  • Neurological problems : Intervertebral disc disease, myelopathy, Wobbler's syndrome,...
  • And also : Excess weight, geriatric animal, loss of physical condition, sports purposes, boarded animals...

In emphasizing the quality of treatments, the department proposes a number of modalities:

  • Functional evaluation and personalized at-home program
  • Therapeutic materials : Cavaletti rails, Freeman plates, Therapeutic balls, elastic bands,...
  • Electrotherapy : TENS, NMES (muscular atrophy, pain)
  • Heat therapy (heat, ice)
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field (bone healing, pain)
  • Manual mobilization treatments : Massage, mobilizations ( spasms, loss of joint amplitude, swelling)
  • Therapeutic laser (tissue healing) 
  • Underwater treadmill

Impressive results with the underwater treadmill

The underwater treadmill offers the combined benefits of water and controlled exercise.

The animal's partial immersion reduces weight-bearing stress on the joints and helps to improve walking. The water jet system allows your pet to make greater effort or swim in complete safety.

Videos - Physical rehabilitation

Elbow Exercise

Hip Exercise

Knee Exercise